Acrylic and Mixed Media

WORKING IN A SERIES with Complex Color


Creating Cohesion in FOUR paintings from Beginning to End

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Painting my "DOT Series" of Four Paintings

This course is a comprehensive look at my process, thoughts, materials and techniques as I work through a series of four paintings based on a common theme - DOTS! I love dots, and I wanted to create four acrylic/mixed media paintings on 12x12in Baltic Birch wooden panel. Watch over my shoulder as I begin these paintings with "PLAY", continue until something speaks to me in each painting ("EXPLORE"), and bring each painting to a satisfying conclusion with final touches ("CLARIFY"). I once again make a mistake when I forget to sign my name before applying the final varnish. However, that's okay because it gave me an excuse to show you how to remove the varnish - great if you forgot to sign your name OR decide you aren't finished after all and wish to keep painting! I show my final varnish and presentation for these paintings which provides a satiny, “encaustic look” to the final work.

Techniques in ACRYLIC and Mixed Media Painting - Emphasis on GLAZING, Collage and Distressing the Surface

I demonstrate lots of acrylic and mixed media techniques I use while painting all four paintings in this series, including mark making, collage, subtractive techniques (sanding, gouging, wiping back, etc.) and applying four different colors of glaze to create cohesion throughout the series. The videos are shown predominantly in real time as you look over my shoulder so you can get a better feel for time spent in various techniques and the overall painting process. You will learn a great deal as I discuss what I’m doing and what I’m thinking in these comprehensive videos.You will learn so much in these 9 hours of video content!

How to begin with PLAY - and no Expectations!

I show you all the acrylic and mixed media techniques I typically use every time I paint using the acrylic medium, and begin early on with the theme of "circles" or dots - simple shapes which I love! In this series, I decided early on to find many ways to create repetition, with lots of variety, to build each painting with "shape" as just one of the many connective threads between each of the final paintings.

More About This Course

This course is meant as a stand alone course in acrylic and mixed media painting as well as a great reinforcement for those artists who have already enrolled in my Powerful Design and Personal Color Course, and/or my Acrylic and Mixed Media Techniques Course where I show you how I painted "Indian Summer" from beginning to end. Working in a series is one of many ways to gain momentum and be productive in your studio - and it is my favorite way of working to create cohesion. If you've ever wondered why your work sometimes looks like 15 different artists painted them, it is cohesion that may be lacking. How do you develop your personal voice in a way that conveys a strong point of view? I hope to show you in this series of four paintings! There are approximately nine hours of video in this course!


I will share my thoughts and process as I work through 16 paintings, just like you - and explain how each stage plays a crucial role in the life of my paintings. Though I am demonstrating in the cold wax medium, the concepts of powerful design and personal color can be applied to any 2D medium!

16 Paintings

8 Comprehensive modules and approximately 40 lessons (over 10 hours) to guide you through your art making journey, from a “playful” start of 16 paintings to the final stages of applying finesse and subtlety to your work to make it “stellar”!

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Pamela Caughey grew up in Wisconsin, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from UW-Madison in 1983. After moving with her family to Hamilton, MT in 1986, she began her serious study of art, and in 2010 received her MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Montana School of Art. She works in many media, with special interest in cold wax/oil, encaustic, mixed media and acrylic. Her work is in the permanent collection of several museums and public buildings nationally and internationally and her work appears in the newly published book by Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin, “Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts, Conversations”. After teaching foundations courses at the University of Montana, Bitterroot College, Montana, she is now a full time studio artist and teaches workshops from her Hamilton, Montana studio, within the US and abroad.

Pamela Caughey